The manufacturing base of DreamTec is one of the few cleanrooms in Hong Kong that is WHO GMP qualified and reached the standard ISO14644-1, Class 7. It is also verified by an international certification body and was subsequently awarded a certificated as proof of reaching the requirement of a high standard cleanroom.

To ensure the whole production process is in an environment free of dust, bacteria and pollution, all employees are required to follow a strict sterilization process before entering the cleanroom.

1st factory in Hong Kong granted WHO GMP and ISO cleanroom standard

Manufacturing productions are processed in the WHO GMP qualified cleanroom

Sampled by International third-party accreditation bodies

Production Monitoring by Relevant Experts

Internal Quality Control- Regular quality control inspections are undertaken throughout the production process by relevant experts. As such, each batch of our products possessed a corresponding quality control inspection report, verifying that our products are free from any pollutions, which thereby guarantees that our products are produced in a safe and clean environment.

The technology has been recognised by the World Health Organization in its publication titled “COVID-19 vaccine tracker and landscape”.