ONEVACTM VACImmunity Booster contains Bacillus subtilis extract coated with specific Spike protein antigen, may enhances your immunity by boosting the level of neutralizing antibodies against the Spike protein. Bacillus subtilis extract can survive in harsh environments and induce the immune response in the small intestine. Thus, it exhibits synergistic effect on immunity activation by Bacillus subtilis in the intestine. This product may activate immune defense against the Spike protein antigen.


Health supplement.
Safe and effective.
Enhance the level of the neutralizing antibody.
Induces the immune response in the small intestine and is excreted within 24 hours.
Friendly to use, and suitable for taking at home.
With gastric acid-resistant technology, ONEVAC TM protects the active ingredients from digestion in the stomach and ensure active ingredients released in the small intestine to activate and boost immunity.
Easy to store and transport in an environment with a temperature of 25°C and a humidity of 60%. No cold chain logistics is required.


Mild side effects


Easily excretion

Raise your protection level